Financing Equal to Debt?

    20 Mar Financing equal to debt? Your business can be prepared It can be said that financing is the acquisition of a debt; since when accepting a loan from a financial institution or a bank, it is agreed to return the requested money plus an interest. The latter is set by the lender […]

Review Of Interest Rates and Interest Abusive How to Get Into Court

Pde » Your Money» Review of Abusive Interest, Fees and Interest, How to Enter Justice? Ask for the interest review ? Do I have to review the interest on my loan? What are abusive fees, charges and interest? When is interest abusive? What does justice mean by abusive interest? We have received numerous emails from […]

Site to Renegotiate Debts

  I removed it ! Clearing your debts has never been easier! “Renegotiating debts” to get back to having credit in the square is undoubtedly the best option for the defaulting consumer. The credit protection services have already launched their debt renegotiation sites, both the “SCPC Brazil” of Boa Vista Serviços, the “SPC” of the […]

The Best Financing Options in Mexico

    11 Mar The 5 best financing options in Mexico   In recent years, ventures in the country have been increasing. Regardless of age or gender, the desire to create your own business is always latent. According to INEGI data, 89% of companies start with their own money or friends and family, while only […]

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